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The application process

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You'll need to apply by filling in our online application form. We'll also ask you to upload a CV and cover letter. We accept applications from all disciplines - although you will need a minimum 2.1 degree (or equivalent). While your degree subject doesn't matter, you must be numerate, with an interest in finance and a desire to work in the investment banking industry.

Filling in the form

The application form is your chance to make a strong first impression. Before completing it, make sure that you:

  • Research the business area that you feel best corresponds to your skill set and interests, and your motivation for applying to this area.
  • Apply to the correct program (the Analyst program for graduates, or the Associate program for MBAs with a minimum of 2-3 years work experience).
  • Tailor your answers according to the application. Be original.
  • Check your grammar and spelling carefully before you submit your application.
  • Take your time with questions. We recommend that you print out a copy of the application form and think through your answers before filling it in online.
  • Print another copy of your form once you have finished so you can remember your answers if you are invited to interview.
  • Have good examples of our core competencies, such as leadership, academic achievement, national and school-specific awards, and work experience.




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