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Investment Solutions

Diverse client base, Mutual investment needs

Nomura Asset Management (NAM) is proud to manage assets on behalf of some of the world’s largest institutions with clients encompassing corporate and state pension schemes, insurance companies, asset managers, investment trusts, private banks, central banks and sovereign wealth funds. Whatever the background of the client, their needs are shared and we are committed to providing investment solutions that achieve superior results for each investor.

We currently manage US$106 billion of institutional assets globally (as at March 31st 2016).

Asian Roots, Global Manager

The investment resources we have at our disposal in the Asia region are substantial, with one of the largest research teams in Japan. We conducted over 6,000 company meetings across Japan and Asia Pacific countries in 2015. Such is the scale of these regional operations, NAM has become best known, within a European context, for the management of Asian Equities.

Given our overall goal to provide “world class” products to investors, i.e., to provide products that meet the dynamic needs of clients and achieve solid returns, we proactively develop new strategies to enhance the NAM product line-up.

Our expertise now spans various asset classes:

  • Japan Strategic Value (segregated and pooled product)
  • Japan Active Core equities (segregated)
  • Japan High Conviction (segregated and pooled product)
  • Japan Small Cap equities (segregated and pooled product)
  • Asia Pacific ex. Japan equities (segregated and pooled product)
  • Research Associates Fundamental Index© (Japan Equity, Global Equity and Emerging Markets Strategies)
  • Asia ex-Japan High Conviction (segregated and pooled product)
  • Global Emerging Markets equities (segregated and pooled product)
  • US High Yield Bond via our New York based affiliate, NCRAM (segregated and pooled product)
  • India Active Equities (pooled product)
  • China Active Equities (pooled product)
  • Fixed Income (Government Bonds, Aggregate Bonds, and Absolute Return)
  • Global Frontier Markets Equity (pooled product)
  • Global Low Leverage LIBOR strategy
  • Diversifed Growth - Multi Asset (pooled product)
  • Global Equity High Conviction (pooled product)

Our UCITS platform provides pooled investment opportunities

As well as offering segregated mandates, we are firmly committed to offering our clients products via our pooled funds platform.

Our pooled funds platform is a Dublin-based UCITS structure (Nomura Funds Ireland Plc) which has over 20 funds, now valued at over $5 bn in assets (as at March 2016). 

The sub-funds on this platform are registered in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Singapore (Japan Strategic Value and US High Yield sub-funds only), Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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