Client Services

Working better by working together

Our team-based ethos extends to how we work with our clients as well as colleagues. We seek to establish successful long term working relationships with all our clients and to help them generate the returns they seek in order to meet their business objectives. We work alongside them from the start of any mandate, beginning by establishing clearly with each client what their investment objectives and time horizons are. At the same time we advise our clients of our proposed strategy and approach for achieving these goals, establishing how and when they would like to stay informed of the progress being made.

Our goal is to consistently provide a better service to our clients than they get from other asset managers managing their assets.

To service each mandate we combine talented and experienced investment professionals from all over the world - each providing different areas of expertise and points of view - but all focused on achieving the optimum investment insight. Working together, the team applies NAM's philosophy, processes, disciplines and resources to deliver tangible value added results to clients as fast and effectively as possible.

Our goal is to give our clients outperformance against their chosen benchmark and a level of tailored client service others aspire to.

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