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About Nomura Asset

Nomura Asset Management (“NAM”) is a leading global asset manager headquartered in Tokyo. The company has investment management subsidiaries located throughout the world including New York, London, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, Seoul and Frankfurt. NAM manages approximately USD $453 billion (as of March 31, 2018) utilizing the expertise of 329 investment professionals globally.

Today Nomura Asset Management provides its clients with a wide range of innovative investment strategies including global, regional and single country equities, high yield bonds, alternative investments and global fixed income strategies.

A better focus

Nomura Asset Management is a global investment manager with a single objective worldwide: to deliver consistent outperformance whilst providing exceptional standards of client service. To this end we manage our portfolios actively, using a value-orientated investment philosophy, underpinned by dedicating significant resources to fundamental research.

What makes us different from other investment managers is not what we do, but how we do it. Like everyone else, we can see the big picture - but what we don't do is rely upon it.

We look beyond the consensus view, carrying out our own extensive research and refusing to accept things at face value.

The way we see it, the difference between success and failure is often the ability to spot something that others might overlook, identifying and capturing small opportunities. By keeping a close, constant watch on all the markets in which we operate - backed by stringent analysis and research - we can exploit these opportunities to the full, at the same time ensuring we do even the simplest things well and with consistency.

Credentials and credibility

Secure and stable foundations
The Nomura group of companies was founded in 1873. By the early 1920s it had grown to be the dominant force in Japanese financial services. Building on this success, the group entered the global arena in the 1950s.

Focused on investment management
The group's investment management activities are represented by Nomura Asset Management – one of Japan's largest independent investment managers and one of the industry's leading global players. Headquartered in Tokyo, Nomura Asset Management has dedicated investment management operations in London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia and New York. Assets under management total $453 billion as of March 31, 2018.

Extensive international client base
Nomura Asset Management counts among its clients many of the leading public and corporate pension funds, central banks, endowments, foundations, financial institutions, mutual funds, and individual investors from Europe to the Americas and the Middle East to the Pacific Basin.

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