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Client Services

Our Unique Client Service Proposition

As a global asset manager we make investments on behalf of some of the world’s largest institutional investors. Our client base includes corporate and state pension schemes, insurance companies, private banks and sovereign wealth funds.

We recognise the importance of listening to our clients, understanding their requirements and ensuring that we communicate effectively through our service proposition.

Our London-based client relationship team works closely with our investment and operational teams globally to ensure that we provide the highest quality of administration and reporting services, tailored to the needs of our EMEA clients.


Local In-house Investment Specialists

In addition to our administration and reporting services, we are happy to schedule regular meetings with the team dedicated to the management of your portfolio. While your fund manager may be located in the investment region specific to your mandate, as a Nomura Asset Management client you will benefit from the support and expertise of our local Investment Specialists.

Our Investment Specialists supplement our client service capabilities by offering expert opinion on the market environment, investment themes, portfolio construction and investment strategy.

In particular, given our leading position in Asia, we believe we are ideally placed to explain factors influencing the region’s markets and local business practices, with a detailed understanding of how issues which have a certain significance in a western context may carry different relevance in the Asian region (and vice-versa).



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