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Asian Equity Income

Our Asia Equity Income strategy aims to provide outperforming market income and returns over the mid to long-term by capturing both income and capital gains. This is a bottom-up approach that concentrates on analysing dividend yield and growth, with particular focus on quality

Strategy Features

  • Singapore-based, experienced and stable investment team
  • Mid-to-long-term investment time horizon (2 to 3 years)
  • Research by Asian Country Specialists & Sector Analysts
  • Focusing on Asian companies that have a higher dividend yield than the market average, and sustainable dividend growth
  • Strong long-term performance track record since inception
  • A bottom-up approach that focuses on analysing dividend yield and expected dividend growth

We have one of the largest investment teams in the Asia Pacific ex-Japan region with over 25 investment professionals based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kula Lumpur and Shanghai.  We operate a ‘matrix’ structure incorporating a country specific stock model with a sector overlay

Pooled Fund Availability

The Nomura Asian Equity Income strategy is available for investment via segregated mandates and via our Dublin-based Irish domiciled UCITS fund, known as the Nomura Funds Ireland Asia High Dividend Strategy.

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