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American Century Investments: Emerging Markets Debt Total Return

The American Century Emerging Markets Debt Total Return strategy seeks to deliver returns similar to the broad emerging markets debt indices while targeting 50% to 75% of their volatility over a full market cycle, while placing particular emphasis on limiting drawdowns.

Investment Approach

The strategy seeks to deliver most of the upside of emerging markets debt, with 50% - 75% of the risk over a full market cycle.

We believe:

  • Misunderstood and mispriced risks within emerging markets debt create inefficiencies and anomalies that can be exploited.
  • An active, research-driven, bottom-up approach to evaluate countries and companies, combined with robust macro and thematic analysis is the best way to exploit these inefficiencies.
  • A disciplined valuation framework focused on relative value is critical in pricing fundamental risks appropriately.
  • Focus on rigorous risk budgeting and continuous stress testing are integral to achieving strong and consistent risk-adjusted results.
  • Diversified sources of return through active positions in duration, yield curve, country allocation, sector allocation, currency allocation and security selection help generate a more consistent return profile.

Pooled Fund Availability

The strategy is available for investment via our Dublin-based Irish domiciled UCITS fund. Visit our Funds & Fund Literature page to view a listing of the funds available in your country and to view the multi-lingual versions (if available) of the Key Investor Information Documents, Prospectus and other relevant documents. 

For additional strategy information, please visit the American Century Investments website.  To learn about our strategic relationship with American Century Investments, please visit our Strategic Partnerships page.


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