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Asia Pacific Equities

Asian equities is our passion

Having managed Japanese equities since 1959 and Pacific Basin mandates since 1981 using locally-based investment teams, we have built substantial experience in this asset class.

We are able to offer tailored investment solutions at a regional level (Asia Pacific, Pacific Basin, Asia ex Japan) as well as on a single country basis (Japan, China, India, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia) with several strategies available via pooled investment vehicles.

Local in-depth experience and extensive resources

NAM differentiates itself from other Asian equity managers in the depth and quality of the investment resources we have at our disposal dedicated solely to the Asia Pacific markets. We believe that an important element in our success is having locally-based portfolio managers with easy access to and effective communication with company management in the local languages. 

Robust, disciplined, yet repeatable investment process

Our approach, which has been in place since 1981, and our highly experienced investment team have managed portfolios through periods of boom, bust, recession, recovery and growth. We believe that the greatest inefficiencies are at stock level and therefore we prioritise fundamental company research.

In terms of risk management, our multi-layered approach supplements this process with our portfolio risk control techniques at the very heart of the investment approach. This helps us to achieve stable and consistent portfolio performance.

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