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Equity Investments

Our investment philosophy is founded on the belief that equity markets are not fully efficient and that active management, based on thorough fundamental research can add value.

Our approach is based on a number of core principals:

Active Management based on thorough, fundamental research

Our process is structured to maximise the insights of our locally based portfolio managers and research analysts. We have one of the largest research platforms in Asia with over 60 dedicated analysts based ‘on the ground’ across the region.

 Top-down view combined with bottom-up stock selection

We consider the optimum investment approach combines both bottom–up and top-down strategies. Whilst bottom-up factors are emphasised in our investment approach, portfolios are constructed within guidelines defined by our top-down analysis. 

Risk control techniques pivotal in portfolio management process

We believe it is vital to fully understand the risks to which portfolios are exposed at any point in time. Systematic risk controls form an integral part of our investment strategies.

Greater consistencies gained from team-based approach

Our approach recognises that stable and consistent results are more likely to be delivered from an approach that is team-based rather than one that is centred on an individual. 

Innovative Equity Strategies

Today we are best known for our expertise in managing Asian equities. Across the EMEA region we offer a range of innovative investment solutions, including:


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