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Global Government Bonds

We seek to identify how global capital flows will influence the fixed income and currency markets, position our portfolios accordingly and, within this framework, select individual bonds with the best return/volatility trade-off.

Solid approach and established team maintains strong track record

The Nomura Global Government Bonds Strategy investment approach is based on three core principals:

  • Active Management Focusing on Fundamental Research
    We differentiate ourselves from other fund managers in the depth and quality of our investment analysis. We place great emphasis on fundamental research and market analysis to exploit value added from market inefficiencies.
  • A Team Approach
    Our philosophy recognises that stable and consistent results are more likely to be delivered from an approach that is team based rather than one that is centred on an individual. Portfolios are constructed according to individual guidelines and constraints using a globally consistent process. The direction of our active positions are shared by all client portfolios. The team is experienced and stable – a hallmark of our firm.
  • Thorough Risk/Return Assessment
    We believe that portfolio risk control techniques should be at the very heart of our investment management process. Appropriate risk control through quantified risk measures enables deliverance of consistent performance in the long-run.

Product Features*:


Citigroup WGBI Index

Performance Target:

1% p.a

Tracking Error Range:

1.25% (Rolling 3 year basis)

Cash Position:

Minimal (typically less than 5%)


80 - 120

*NAM has managed dedicated Global Government Bond portfolios since 1989 - as a result, we have the resources and capabilities to tailor solutions to your requirements.

Our differentiating factors:

  • Unique perspectives on global fixed income investing from Asia. Thorough top-down fundamental research dictates our long-term portfolio bias, complemented by bottom-up analysis.
  • We favour a team approach that seeks to leverage our global resources when considering multi-angle perspectives and strategies in order to diversify risk in the portfolio.
  • We constantly monitor quantitative aspects of our portfolios to ensure that risks levels are intended, appropriate and understood.
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