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American Century Investments: Concentrated Global Growth Equity

The American Century Global Concentrated Growth Equity strategy employs the same philosophy, process and team that we have used successfully in our Global Growth strategy since 1999. The concentrated portfolio represents our best ideas in the global market and seeks to provide a higher alpha alternative for global allocations.

Investment Approach

The strategy seeks to invest in companies demonstrating accelerating growth with market capitalizations of $3 billion or more located primarily in developed markets including the United States.

  • The portfolio represents our best ideas in the global market and is designed to provide a higher alpha alternative for global allocations, and typically holding 35 to 50 securities.
  • Centers on the belief that accelerating growth in earnings and revenues, rather than the absolute level of growth, is more highly correlated to stock price performance.
  • Directs us to research different companies than other growth managers, as we do not require an absolute threshold of earnings or revenue growth.
  • Allows us to take advantage of both the normal price appreciation that results from a company's earnings growth and the market’s re-rating of a company's price-to-earnings multiple.

Pooled Fund Availability

The strategy is available for investment via our Dublin-based Irish domiciled UCITS fund. Visit our Funds & Fund Literature page to view a listing of the funds available in your country and to view the multi-lingual versions (if available) of the Key Investor Information Documents, Prospectus and other relevant documents. 

For additional strategy information, please visit the American Century Investments website.  To learn about our strategic relationship with American Century Investments, please visit our Strategic Partnerships page.


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